We have Closed 


We regret to inform you that McElderry House Lodging has closed its doors after 22 years in business. We treasure the memories of the thousands of wonderful guests who visited us throughout the years - it was a true honor to share in their experiences, through both laughter and tears, and we will hold their friendships in our hearts forever.




In August of 1992, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group's first "travel" home care nurse arrived in Baltimore, accompanied by her fourteen year-old daughter. The nursing assignment was supposed to be temporary, and they both anticipated going back to their home in Michigan within a year's time.

The teenager became increasingly aware of a strange pain in her upper left arm, and in March 1993 finally brought it to her mother's attention. She was promptly referred to the Johns Hopkins Orthopedic Department and was subsequently diagnosed with Osteogenic Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. She underwent two months of intensive chemotherapy, followed by a twelve hour limb-salvage surgical procedure, involving both a bone graft and a shoulder prosthesis. Ten more months of chemotherapy followed the surgery, and there was no recurrence of the cancer. She remains healthy today.

After her daughter's recovery, the mother founded McElderry House Lodging in 1996. Today, both of them manage McElderry House Lodging, providing comfortable, home-like accommodations to out-of-town families coping with challenging medical situations.